How to Avoid Collision with Wild Animals on Highway?

Summer is a prime time bringing out the best of the nature and the time when truckers can enjoy while driving. Every bend has something new to offer the trucker. This can also be treated as a stress buster for the truck drivers as they have a hectic schedule to follow. After winter hues, it’s time for truckers to take some steps to ensure they have a safe journey. 

Driving on smooth roads and cleaner environment, they are likely to see many different animals: from huge moose to small porcupines. As the summer drops in, many creatures tend to become more mobile and are usually found crossing the road and moving to the other end to find a new habitat. It is different to enjoy a scene like this and most importantly, it is entertaining for the truckers. 

However, wildlife and trucks on the road is a lethal mix especially if they run over an animal. It is not only emotionally upsetting but can damage their vehicle to a great extend. Yes, larger the animal, bigger the collision!
Here are some ideas how to avoid hitting animals and moving without any damage:

  • Always be careful while driving in early morning, dusk or late nights. These are the times when animals are likely to move on the road freely.
  • If you spot any, slow down and look ahead into the ditch for movement. Don’t move until the way is clear. It might lead to large collision if proper measures are not taken.
  • Slow down and look ahead into the ditch for movement or for the reflection of animal eyes in your headlights.
  • Many animals travel in huge group. Therefore, when spotted one moving ahead, it is good to slow down, as others are on their way.
  • Some animals especially deer tend to freeze in the road as the headlight may panic them. In these cases, truckers should slow down and wait till they clear the way.
  • In case one discovers a large dead animal on the road, don’t panic. Ring the police and inform about the misfortune took place. The trucker can also contact the Department Of Transportation or Federal Highway Administration for further assistance. The body needs to be moved from the traffic lanes much before any chaos is created. There are chances for major accidents to take place if not reported on time.
  • Animals like Moose often attempt to escape through truck by running along the road. This will not only pose hazards to the vehicle but also the co- vehicles. It is not safe to drive in these situations. Pull over the vehicle or slow down to a low speed until the animal clears the track.
  • Above all, truckers should watch out for wildlife warning signs, which are posted in areas where animals are likely to share the road with them.

It is better to be prepared to face trouble than getting panic at the accident scene. Having a first aid box and an extra water bottle in the truck along with a flash light will be helpful. It is important for truckers to follow the safety precautions when behind the wheels to experience a smooth driving journey.


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